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Clifton Springs, Phelps, Shortsville, and Manchester


Located central to the beautiful Finger Lakes, Clifton Springs is a small (pop. 2200) and vibrant historic village.  Our adjacent villages of Shortsville, Manchester and Phelps are similar in size and all four villages offer a varied history of employment and growth.  Shortsville and Manchester were major railroad hubs during the turn of the century, hosting the nation’s largest rail transfer station during WWII.  Phelps was a predominately agricultural center, with cabbage as the main crop and was known as the Sauerkraut Capital of the World, which was serviced by the Silver Floss Sauerkraut Company.  Clifton Springs developed around the advanced medical facility known as The Clifton Spring Sanitarium.  ‘The San’ eventually became the Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic, which employs 500.  After WWII, The GW Lisk Company experienced significant growth and now employs over 500 people, manufacturing high tech electromechanical devices for the aerospace, military, medical and automotive industries. 


All four communities serve as bedroom type communities for the city of Rochester.  The eastward movement of population and business from Rochester is benefiting all four villages and the surrounding areas.  Farming remains a dominate industry in our Finger Lakes area.

Members of St. John’s are committed and active in our surrounding communities. They support the many churches, schools, and service organizations, which are the lifeblood of our area communities.


Useful links for local towns and organizations:

Clifton Springs Chamber of Commerce

Clifton Springs Historical Society and the Foster Cottage Museum

Village of Clifton Springs

Village of Phelps

Village of Manchester

Town of Manchester

Village of Shortsville

Shortsville-Manchester Chamber of Commerce


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