Make a Joyful Sound!


"Those who sing, pray twice"

-Attributed to St. Augustine


In February of 2016, the St. John’s vestry signed a contract to refurbish our organ console (the part with the keyboards, where the organist sits).  


As part of the project, the organ repair shop need to take the organ console back to their shop for two months to work on it.  The Organ Task Force discussed what to do about music during this time, and we found that renting a piano would not be much cheaper than simply buying a used piano.


Thanks to some hard work and research by our music director, Cara Johnson, we have found a used grand piano in excellent condition at a very reasonable price.  We are happy to announce that this piano came to St. John’s during the first week of March 2016. With this addition, we've been able to incorporate both organ and piano music into the Sunday worship services, and Cara is able to teach piano lessons on the instrument, offering publicity for St. John’s.

Meanwhile, Kerner & Merchant Pipe Organ Builders refurbished our organ during this past summer, completely gutting the inner workings and replacing them with updated circuity (which will be easy to update again in the future). We celebrated and rededicated the organ on Sunday, September 11th.


The total cost of the organ refurbishment project will be around $50,000, which includes the purchase of the piano, as well as organ tuning and maintenance for the next several years.  So far, thanks to a few generous donors at St. John’s, we have raised enough money for over 80% of the cost!


Any support that you can offer, no matter how small, is very much appreciated for this important project!

Update from January 2017:

Thanks to all of your generosity, we have reached our goal! Any additional donations will go into the Music Fund to support organ maintenance costs and visiting musician fees, or donations can go directly into the church operating fund. Thank you!