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The Kitchen Project



Thanks to your help, suggestions, gifts, prayers, and the leadership of the Kitchen Committee, we have settled on a course of action. We will work with Ben Wheat (of BennyCo Enterprises, a local contracting company) to install a new stove and hood in our kitchen. The stove (range and oven) is a relatively small cost, but the installation of a new hood (with circulation and fire suppression systems) is a more expensive project. When Ben and our Kitchen Committee first began looking at the work that needed to be done, it looked as though we'd need to spend around $30,000 to install the hood (and lay new ductwork through the church). Thankfully, they have found a re-circulating hood, which will offer us plenty of circulation without any new ductwork. The estimated cost (including stove, hood, and installation) is now $11,000, which Vestry approved to spend at its August meeting.

At this point, we have decided to wait to do further updates and repairs.  The new stove and hood will be installed and ready for use by the Chicken and Biscuit Luncheon on October 18 (barring any major problems). After the Chicken and Biscuit, we will re-consider what other updates we'd like to perform in the near future. Likely projects are installing shelving for storage, replacing the sink, laying down new countertops, and redoing the kitchen floor.

In terms of fundraising, many of you have graciously agreed to give your remaining Music Fund pledge to this kitchen project. Thank you for these gifts! If you would like more information regarding the finances and costs of this project, feel free to call Andrew or Steve at 315-462-6611 for details. We are incredibly grateful for your contributions, your support, and your prayers as we make this improvements to help us serve the community better.



The Situation

Our stove is in need of replacement! It has served a good long life, but now one of the knobs does not work, and because of the age of the stove, it is impossible to purchase replacement parts. As a result, we only used half of the stove during our last Chicken and Biscuit Luncheon, which was manageable but certainly not ideal.


In the interest of safety, it is time to purchase a new stove.  When we do this, we’ll also need to have a new ventilation system installed, since our current fan is not up to building code (and has been grandfathered in). This means that a decent amount of work will need to be done on the kitchen to modernize it.


The Future

Your vestry has been exploring possible options for new stoves and ventilation hoods, and some have suggested that we take this opportunity to do a bit of remodeling in the kitchen, which has not had major work performed on it since the late 1960s.  


How You Can Help

We are looking to get together a Kitchen Committee, led by Steve Lindner, to explore options for buying a new stove, installing a new ventilation and fire suppression system, and remodeling the kitchen. The committee will gather as needed to meet with contractors and laborers, so there is no set meeting schedule.  We hope that all work will be done in time for the Chicken and Biscuit in October of 2017.


Please talk to Steve or Andrew (315-462-6611) if you are interested in serving on the committee.  Please also share your input and opinions with us throughout the process, especially if you work in the kitchen during Chicken and Biscuit.

Financing the Improvements

As you might remember, we are wrapping up a capital campaign to raise money for our music program, during which we refurbished the organ and purchased a new grand piano. To my surprise and amazement, you all rose above and beyond the call, and we have raised more than our proposed goal of $50,000 (we currently sit at just over $53,000 raised). Because it is a three-year capital campaign, many of us (myself included) still owe some of our pledged funds to St. John's over the next year and a half.

I ask you to consider giving the remaining balance on your Music Fund pledge to this work in our kitchen. The Music Fund is in great standing, and the funds could be used to support the new stove and other kitchen improvements. If, however, you'd prefer your donations to continue to finance the music program, that is perfectly fine, too.

There will be some fundraising efforts in the future around the kitchen, and we will keep you updated on the finances as we gain a better sense of the cost for this project.

Please keep the Kitchen Committee and all of St. John's in your prayers throughout this journey. Thank you for your continued faithfulness and support.

With love,

Rev. Andrew

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